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Rainbow Waltz is On Sale!!

Rainbow Waltz is now available for the nook and Kindle.Image

Pandra Restaurant Finalized

We just submitted Pandra Restaurant to DMG Production. Now we’re awaiting the final check from DMG.

Editorial Pandra Restaurant Updates

Greetings all!

Editing Pandra Restaurant Pandra is finally done…

We were able to get a two week extension approved.

So now it is a matter of quality checking at this point. This is a particularly interesting book that I have already wrote a cover blurb for this title.

More updates at a later time.

Pandra Restaurant Update

Been over 3 weeks since I last posted an update.
Pandra Restaurant is completely cleaned, c01 is lettered, lettering c02, and c03-04 are being edited.
If nothing unexpected comes up this weekend, then I hope to be caught up to how far animemiz has edited.
Wishing y’all a blessed weekend!

CRU Updates

Rainbow Waltz is in post production. Pandra Restaurant has been completely translated (5 chapters). I’ve cleaned c01-02 and animemiz is almost done editing c01 script. I hope to start lettering c01 this weekend.