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New Harlequin Titles available on kindle, kobo, nook, and Renta!

Happy New Comic Book Day!!

More Harlequin titles became available on kindle, kobo, nook, and Renta! the past week. So let’s get to them links.

Book Info pages for Blackmailed Bride, Innocent Wife and The Impossible Woman are live with preview pages.

Happy Reading, y’all!!

More Harlequin titles available on nook

Happy New Comic Book Day, y’all!!

Three more Harlequin titles are now available on nook.

Thumbnails link to Barnes & Noble.
Pregnancy of RevengeTime For TrustWith His Ring

Remember preview pages are available on the title’s info pages: Projects > Special Assignments. Wishing y’all a wonderful day!!

More Harlequin Titles on kindle and nook!

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day!!

Two new Harlequin Manga titles now available on kindle and another title available on nook.

Happy Reading, y’all!!