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New titles now available

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day, y’all!!

I’ve been SO busy the last few months that I missed a lot of new releases/updates for the titles I’ve lettered. Y’all ready for all the links?!

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Expired DMGuild License Shojo Titles now available on Renta!


Happy Friday, y’all!!

I checked Renta! this morning and noticed that 2 DMGuild titles I lettered are now available to read by chapter. Over the summer, both Pandra Restaurant and Rainbow Waltz‘s license expired, which made me sad because both titles are such cute shojos.

Here are the links to Renta!: Pandra Restaurant and Rainbow Waltz.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!

eManga Bundle Promotion

eManga Bundle Promotion

eManga’s first bundle promotion includes 3 of our titles: Card Master, Pandra Restaurant, & Ranibow Waltz. The bundle is eligible for their promo code: LIVENOW (4x reward points + 10% off).

Happy Reading, y’all!!

Pandra Restaurant and The River’s Current are now available in Digital Manga Publishing’s Android App.

Rainbow Waltz & Pandra Restaurant on more platforms

Rainbow Waltz is now available on the Comics+ app.
Pandra Restaurant is now available at nook, Kindle(USA), Kindle(UK), and Kindle(Germany).