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Good Enough For Me on eManga

Woohoo! Good Enough For Me is now available eManga in multiple eBook formats.

Good Enough For Me on nook


Finally Good Enough For Me is on sale. Looks like the nook version is the only platform it can be read, but I know more will become available.

I’ll add the preview pages later this week.

The River’s Current on nook and other updates…

The River’s Current is now available on the nook.

The special assignment (Good Enough For Me) I’ve been working on is approaching its final stages and then we’ll be sending it off to DMG Production for quality control. I’ll post more updates soon.

Typesetting Woes for GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME

I’m currently typesetting my special assignment: “Good Enough for Me” and man there are WAY too many SFX on 1 page. T-T Took me 1.5 hours to letter one page with 30+ SFX and regular text. I thought yaoi was bad when it came to sound effects, but I sure was proven wrong with this title. *sigh* Oh well, back to typesetting.