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At the Italian’s Command & Passion and the Prince now available at eManga

Happy Tuesday, y’all!!

At the Italian’s Command and Passion and the Prince both went live today on eManga. The thumbnails below link their respective pages.

Happy Reading!!

Harlequin Titles now available on kobo

Looks like all the Harlequin titles that are available on other platforms are now on kobo, too!! Plus they have 50 page previews, which equates to about one-third of the book.

Here are the links:

More Harlequin Titles on Renta!

Happy Thursday, y’all!!

I guess 2 more of the Harlequin titles I lettered went live on Renta! over night. They weren’t there Tuesday nor Wednesday when I checked, so here are the links:

Happy Reading!!

More Harlequin titles now available on the nook and eManga

Happy Hump Day!!

Looks like more Harlequin titles I lettered are now available on B&N’s nook and at eManga. The thumbnails below link to their respective B&N or eManga page.



Happy Reading, y’all!!

At the Italian’s Command now available on Kindle

At the Italian’s Command went live on the Kindle store! Here are the links to Kindle: USA, UK, Germany, Japan. Preview pages are here.