Special Assignments

These are projects that Intriguingly Sinful or Creatively Robust Unit members work on individually.

Coco (@cgcornett)
Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Manga)At the Italian's CommandBillionaire on Her DoorstepBlackmailed Bride, Innocent WifeBoy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol.2The Bridesmaid's RewardChristmas with the PrinceCrimson Scroll: A Strange Tale of Old Kyoto Vol. 01Forgive and ForgetGame of LoveGood Enough For Me by Eri KougamiGraduate-WinterThe Greek Billionaire's Baby RevengeThe Greek's Christmas BabyHer Longed-For FamilyHer Royal Wedding WishThe Impossible WomanIris Zero Vol. 1Jack Riordan's BabyLove PrismThe Maid and the MillionaireMistress by MistakeMr. DecemberNine-to-Five BridePassion and the PrinceThe Perfect LoverPregnancy of RevengeA Pretend EngagementA Royal Bride at the Sheikh's CommandThe Royal Wedding NightShackled by DiamondsSheikh's WomanTangled EmotionsTime For TrustTo be a HusbandUntamed Italian, Blackmailed InnocentWith His Ring

Coming Soon
Eat Your Heart OutLessons From a Latin LoverA Suitable Mistress

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