The River’s Current

The River's Current by Jun KajimotoEnglish Title: The River’s Current
Mangaka: Jun Kajimoto
Japanese Publisher: Oakla Shuppan
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi (explicit)
Synopsis: Nao as a model can’t help but fear the worse from Washio, his artist lover. Has Nao done something wrong to be ignored? They haven’t slept together for more than two months. Is it because of Nao’s past that would eventually tear this couple apart?

Natsu and Eiichi are childhood friends at a rural setting in a post-World War II Japan. When the booming urban city beckons for Eiichi, he leaves Natsu behind and four years passes. Upon his homecoming, he realizes something sinister has happened. Will he be strong enough to support Natsu?

These are just two couples from this premium yet steamy collection of short standalone stories. Available for the first time in English from Jun Kajimoto, Digital Manga is on the move to bring out well known doujinshi turn mangaka artists for the enjoyment of English readers.
Ebook Available: eManga, Juné Manga, nook, DriveThruComics, DMP Android or iOS App, kindle

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