Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek by Reibun IkeEnglish Title: Hide and Seek
Mangaka: Reibun Ike
Japanese Publisher: Ookura Shuppan
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi (18+)
Synopsis: Takeru doesn’t need to have his day spoiled by his enemy, Wanigawara, but spoiled it is. Now they’re both trapped in crowded alleyway facing one another. With their bodies in such close contact what to do when things heated up?

Jin is a rising star in the wrestling world, there’s only a few things that can happen when he catches the attention of wealthy businessman, Tsukamoto?

What lengths would Nao do to keep the attention of Masaya on him?

These are only three stories mentioned in Reibun Ike’s first anthology translated into English. For every couple there are moments when a partner can get taken, and taken pretty hard. Hide and Seek is one of these titles. Including the title story, Hide and Seek is a collection of ten heat inducing uncensored titles, bound to satisfy readers.
Ebook Available: B&N’s nook, WOWIO, eManga, kobo, comics+

What others are saying/publicizing about it….
@digitalmanga: “HIDE AND SEEK: For every couple there are moments when a partner can get taken, and taken pretty hard.” — need we say more?

JenSavage @nook: “This is several short stories. By short stories I actually mean sex scenes….Like smut? I’ve got good news for you!…. The stories are all lighthearted romps….. We do run through several different types of pairings. If you like steamy smexing then you should check this one out….I really do have to restate how beautiful the artwork is and I wouldn’t pass this one up.”

Anonymous @nook: “So fantastic! The words are legible, and the stories are great.”

@mustthinkagain: “LOVED Ike Reibun’s Hide and Seek: sweet, funny, SEXY LIKE WHOA and GORGEOUS!”

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