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Sheikh’s Woman now available on Renta!

Good Morning! Happy New Comic Book Day and Hump Day, y’all!!

Sheikh’s Woman went live today on Renta!. Happy Reading!

The Royal Wedding Night now available on kindle

Good Afternoon, y’all!!

The Royal Wedding Night by Junko Murata (Artist) & Day Leclaire (Author) went live on Amazon kindle yesterday and here are the links: USA, UK, Germany, Japan.

Also checkout the manga preview here.

Happy Reading!!

Card Master now available on Renta!

Card Master by Gin Tokiwa and Hana YakouHappy Thursday, y’all!!

Yesterday was new release day on Renta! and one of the new titles was Card Master!! *\(^o^)/* I loved lettering this shojo title… it has supernatural/paranormal elements and a little hint of shonen-ai. Renta! released chapters 1-5, but based on the preview pages for ch5 it looks like they may have gotten the chapter to page count wrong. Chapter 5 preview is the first 4 pages of ch6, but here’s the link. I’ll add the link to the Card Master in a bit.

Happy Reading, y’all!!

Expired DMGuild License Shojo Titles now available on Renta!


Happy Friday, y’all!!

I checked Renta! this morning and noticed that 2 DMGuild titles I lettered are now available to read by chapter. Over the summer, both Pandra Restaurant and Rainbow Waltz‘s license expired, which made me sad because both titles are such cute shojos.

Here are the links to Renta!: Pandra Restaurant and Rainbow Waltz.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!