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Brave Dan and Kämpfer Vol.3 now on kindle and nook

You can now read Brave Dan and Kämpfer v03 on the kindle and nook!!

Brave Dan by Osamu Tezuka
Kindle: USA, UK, Germany, Japan; nook
Kämpfer Vol.3
Kindle: USA, UK, Germany, Japan; nook

Harlequin Titles now available on kobo

Looks like all the Harlequin titles that are available on other platforms are now on kobo, too!! Plus they have 50 page previews, which equates to about one-third of the book.

Here are the links:

More Harlequin Titles on Renta!

Happy Thursday, y’all!!

I guess 2 more of the Harlequin titles I lettered went live on Renta! over night. They weren’t there Tuesday nor Wednesday when I checked, so here are the links:

Happy Reading!!

More Harlequin titles on eManga, Renta!, and kindle

Happy Monday, y’all!!
Forgive and Forget became available on Kindle (USA, UK, Germany, Japan) today and Valenti’s One-Month Mistress is now available at Renta! and eManga. Wishing y’all a lovely week!

Aria the Scarlet Ammo now available on ComiXology

Happy Friday, y’all!!

Ooh! Looks like Aria the Scarlet Ammo went live on ComiXology (series page)!! Thumbnails link to their respective page at ComiXology.