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Editorial Pandra Restaurant Updates

Greetings all!

Editing Pandra Restaurant Pandra is finally done…

We were able to get a two week extension approved.

So now it is a matter of quality checking at this point. This is a particularly interesting book that I have already wrote a cover blurb for this title.

More updates at a later time.

Pandra Restaurant Update

Been over 3 weeks since I last posted an update.
Pandra Restaurant is completely cleaned, c01 is lettered, lettering c02, and c03-04 are being edited.
If nothing unexpected comes up this weekend, then I hope to be caught up to how far animemiz has edited.
Wishing y’all a blessed weekend!

CRU Updates

Rainbow Waltz is in post production. Pandra Restaurant has been completely translated (5 chapters). I’ve cleaned c01-02 and animemiz is almost done editing c01 script. I hope to start lettering c01 this weekend.