Rainbow Waltz: Editorial Musings.

With the deadline looming for Rainbow Waltz, and August-September being an incredibly busy month personally me (the editor). I can’t help but echo what  mentioned earlier, that Rainbow Waltz is going to be a pleaser for shoujo fans…when this title is completed. I am right now in the middle of editing chapter 6, and done a first qc for several chapters.

One thing I notice that I would like to keep is the usage of ojousama -suffixes or the word itself. Ojousama is Japanese for Princess. In past works, I have tried to keep it simple and switch it all to English, but so far it seems easier to keep ojousama. I seriously believe that it makes the title or context sounds more romantic, though I haven’t read as much Korean manhwa to see if there is similarity between Korean and Japanese publications.

Another thing, we at ISCRU is seriously seeking for, is reviewers for our publications. I was talking with  and contemplated on ethics of reviewing titles myself. I can fan girl gush mentally and to my friends about Hide and Seek all I want.. (also planning from my drafting board to write something about it eventually)… but all in all.. I wonder if there’s bl fans willing to review about Hide and Seek, a title that I definitely love. We’re also going to be asking for reviewers for future publications that we do.  If interested please contact us at iscrugroup(at)gmail(dot)com.

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