Monthly Archives: August 2012

Rainbow Waltz is chugging along

Chapters 7 & 8 are translated, 2 thirds of c01 is lettered, c02 script is being edited, and c05 has been cleaned. Hopefully I can start lettering c02 by tomorrow, so I can have a few pages done before I head to AnimeFest for the weekend.

Card Master & Rainbow Waltz Update

Card Master has been submitted to DMG, so hopefully it’ll soon be on sale.
6 out of 10 chapters are translated and up to c04 cleaned in Rainbow Waltz. I can’t wait to letter this book. From what I’ve seen so far, RW’s going to be a cute reverse harem tale.
Wishing y’all a wonderful week.

 Hide and Seek…

ImageHide and Seek is now available at eManga. Rainbow Waltz is translated up to c04 and cleaned to c03. Hope y’all have an AWESOME week.