Monthly Archives: June 2012

Card Master Update

We’re moving at a steady pace, I think. I’m currently lettering c04, finished cleaning c05-06, and animemiz is editing c05 script. I’m looking forward to seeing how this book ends. *girly squeal*

Wishing y’all a wonderful 4th of July. Stay safe!

Publicizing Hide and Seek..

Hide and Seek at the moment is too hot for Kindle…

As of right now IS is seeking reviewers and people who would be interested in this book, so much that they buy it. As of this moment, still wanting to tell the world that this great bara book is finally legal and in English!

When I have time… I would also be updating with a review soon… since this is a book I actually own in Japanese.

Hide and Seek On Sale and other updates

Hide and Seek by Reibun Ike just went on sale today for the nook and this anthology is too HOT for Kindle. Here’s the link:

Card Master is coming along at a nice pace. I’ve cleaned up to c04 and am close to finishing the lettering on c01. All 6 chapters have been translated and are being edited.

That’s all for now. ^^ Wishing y’all a safe week.