Monthly Archives: May 2012

IS+CRU Update

Hide and Seek (HaS) is in the final quality checking phase. animemiz and I are hoping to get the QCing done today. So animemiz can move it to final submission and HaS is off to DMG Production.

Card Master is moving along smoothly. Chapters 01-05 have been translated and c01-02 have been edited/cleaned. I’ll start lettering c01 this coming weekend.

IS+CRU Update

animemiz and I are quickly trying to get the rest of Hide and Seek done. I’m currently lettering c07 and completed c05-06. I’m hoping to get c08 done too, so I can concentrate on c09 (50+ pages).

As for Card Master, c01-04 have been translated and are currently being edited. c01-03 have been cleaned, so I’m hoping to start lettering c01 this weekend.


IS Update: Hide and Seek(HaS) is officially back in progress. animemiz is editing the translation script and sending me the edited script a few pages at a time.

CRU Update: Monsieur La Moe is translating away on Card Master(CM). He’s given the script for c01 to animemiz and so soon I’ll be typesetting c01.

This’ll be a busy few weeks with HaS and CM being worked on simultaneously. Wishing y’all a blessed week.