Monthly Archives: April 2012

CRU’s First Bundle

The titles for our first bundle are listed below.

English Title: Card Master
Japaneses Title: Kado Masuta カードマスター
Author: Hana Yakou
Artist: Gin Tokiwa
Genres: Josei, Supernatural





English Title: Rainbow Waltz
Japanese Title: Nanairo no Enbukyoku 七色の円舞曲
Mangaka: Yuriko Asami
Genre: Harem






English Title: Pandra Restaurant!
Japanese Title: Pandra Resutorant! パンドラレストラン!
Mangaka: Riri Sagara
Genre: Comedy

Creatively Robust Unit Update

CRU has been activated!!! We received the Schedule A for our first bundle and now we’re waiting on our FTP login. So look forward to the official announcement.

HaS Update

As already announced on Twitter, IS is of now on hiatus with are special assignment – Hide and Seek. We hope to pick it back up soon once we find a translator. Wish us luck. 😀